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Alternating Treads Stairs

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Our alternating tread stairs will allow you to save space because of its advanced design, you will be able of locating a comfortable stair there where it is not possible to install a common stair. They are based on the principle of the alternating steps and are ideal as stairs for little space.

These are based on the adjustable kit, they are provided disarmed and with a manual of assembly.

stairs alternating treads alternating treads stairs alternating treads kit
alternating step stairs alternating steps stairs tread alternating alternating tread staircases
space saving stairs

Las escaleras de pasos alternados pueden ser rectas de un tramo o dependiendo del espacio disponible éstas también pueden combinarse con un descanso superior o inferior. A continuación le presentamos esquemas de estos 2 casos típicos:

spacesaving stairs stairs that saves space

With the following table you will be able to calculate the development that will take your stair only knowing the height and the amount of steps of the stair.


Contact us. If your needing does not adjust to the measures exposed in this table, we will develop a personalized solution. In Eleve Stairs we offer solutions for every need.

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