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Frequently Asked Questions

What Information do i need in order to ask for a budget?
It is necessary to know, the type of stairs that you prefer, the height that exists between both floors and the approximate measures of the hollow where the stair is going to be developed. If you have a sketch of the place of emplacement it will be better though it is not indispensable.

What measure should we give to the hollow of the stair?
Consult our section Measures. If you have doubts in this aspect you can send us an e-mail In order to resolve with us the size of the orifice that it is necessary to leave in the floor.

Where is Eleve Stairs located?
We are located in Castelar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Does Eleve Escaleras have a showroom?
Our products are exposed only in the web. Here you can see high cuality photos of our stairs and railings.

What range of choice can I have for the color of the wood?
We work with hard wood, in the whole range of tones that go from the darkest up to the clearest tones.

Wich ways of payment do you accept?
The methods of payment used are effective, checks and bank transfer.

Does Eleve Stairs ship stairs outside Argentina?
Yes, we ship stairs all over the world.

What advantages has an Eleve stair compared to the traditional solutions?
An Eleve stair adapts perfectly to any type of decoration, because it allows you to choose a great number of combinations, models, colors and materials.
There are models that can be regulated in height in the site of his final placement, or they can be modified without having to replace the stair.
Our stairs offer safety and economic advantages, reduce the time of execution in work, and assure a suitable final result.
Eleve is a registered trademark, more than 10 years producing stairs are a sign of experience, professionalism and quality.

In what environments it is adapted to incorporate a Eleve Stair?
In the wide range of stairs Eleve it is easy to find the best solutions so much for classic as for modern environments, adapting to all the tastes and requirements.
Due to the use of advanced technologies, there is achieved a trustworthy and precise product.

How much time and what it is necessary for the assembly of an Eleve Stair?
In general the assembly is realized in one day, using as tools a drill, a French key and a screwdriver.

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