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Measurements For the Hollow of The Stair

stairs measures

In general for a straight stair of a section or two type "L" will be sufficient a hollow of 0,90 x 3,0 mts (see: Adjustable Kit)

For a spiral stair will be enough a minimal hollow of 1,15 x 1,15 mts. (see: Spiral Kit )

In a square hollow of 1,60 x 1,60 mts. and height not superior to 3,00 mts. You can place a stair in "U" shape. (ver: (see: Adjustable Kit)

For measurements of hollow of 1,80 x 0,65 you can install a right feet stair. (see: Alternated Treads Kit)

When the availability for the hollow is very small, starting from a minimum of 0,650 x 1,30 mts. We can install a Half Spiral Stair (see: Half Spiral Kit)

For minor sizes of hollow it is possible to install a Vertical Stair (see: Vertical Stairs )

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