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Spiral Stairs

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Our spiral stairs are modular, prefabricated and recyclable stairs. They are constituted by a central column. Every step occupies a twelfth part of the circular stair, which allows us to turn through the stair comfortably.

The steps can be totally metallic or a combination between wood and metal. The railing is a helicoide formed by a tube of circular steel. The assemble of the stair is effected in just one day.

spiral stairs spiral pre-built stairs
stair stairs

Conceptual schemes:

custom stairs modular spiral stairs spiral stairs

Standard Diameters: 1,10 -1,30 and 1,50 mts.

Eleve guarantees the correct functioning of all his stairs. Forget about the spiral stairs that you have seen, our stairs are designed and constructed on the basis of proven experience.

Contact us, we have a response for every need.

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